The Hydrant Wish List Page

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This is a list of all the hydrants we are aware of that we do not have in our collection. We would like to aquire these, if you can help please e-mail us. If you know of any other hydrants not listed here that are also not in our collection, please let us know about them.


Toronto Waterworks High Pressure TEYWW ( Township East York Waterworks) Toronto Waterworks JRF Co Toronto Waterworks Perkins


ETWW (Etobicoke Township Waterworks) ETWW (Etobicoke Township Waterworks) ETWW (Etobicoke Township Waterworks) ETWW (Etobicoke Township Waterworks)


CNR Bawden Machine Co Ottawa Lawco hydrant improved 850 T Lawson Ottawa Willis Chipman Engineer hydrant


Dominion Bridge Co. Dominion Bridge Co. Standard Iron Works PWW


McAvity model patent 141783 McAvity model M59M with 3 ports Calgary Iron Works Norsworthy


y r
Daigle model D63 Round top Daigle model D63 Octagonal top with pumper Canron CT with 3 ports (Canada Iron) Drolet C61 or C61A


Montreal city spec hydrant Kerr Engine Co small 3 way Kerr Engine Co Kerr Engine Co


Kerr Engine Co large Kerr Engine Co model 102 4 1/4" model Thunderbay city spec hydrant Thunderbay city spec hydrant


f d
T C Keefer Hamilton hydrant Hankin Durite H64 Hankin Durite H67 Hankin Durite 9658 size 5


FX Drolet Drolet 500 Drolet C61 or C61A with pumper Royal


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