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Terminal City Iron Works Ltd., Vancouver, BC

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Video about the company from 1998


Terminal City Iron Works Ltd. was a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of municipal waterworks fittings, gate valves, and fire hydrants; along with large
specialty castings. Terminal City Iron Works Ltd. started out as a family-owned company in 1906. Three generations later, it was still an all-Canadian family business. From its founder James Mason through Clifford A. Mason, to Stanley J. Mason, the family has always been directly involved in the operation of the company.

From a small beginning on Alexander Street in 1906, Terminal City moved to a new location at 1909 Franklin Street in 1910. In 1966, the Company's 60th
Anniversary, a further major expansion program, was begun. The first phase of this expansion was completed in 1968 and saw the addition
of 1505 square meters (16,200 sq. ft.) of foundry space, and the installation of a channel-type induction electric melting furnace, replacing an earlier
coke-fired iron melting cupola.

After that time new moulding equipment was installed in the foundry, and the equipment in the machine shop was upgraded. With the continuous
development of new waterworks products, additional pattern storage space was always being sought. Pattern storage space grew to more than 743 square
meters (8,000 sq. ft.). At that time the Terminal City plant covered one complete city block. There was an on-site pattern shop to maintain quality patterns
designed to efficiently produce quality castings.

As of 1997, Terminal City products included waterworks fittings of gray cast iron and ductile iron in sizes from 2" through to and including 30" diameter. Terminal City was the only Canadian waterworks casting manufacturer producing this range of fittings. At this time, seven different styles of fire hydrant, which include both compression and slide gate were manufactured and assembled to the customer's specifications. A limited variety of special IBBM (iron body brass mounted) gate valves were also manufactured.

Some time after 1997 the Terminal City Iron Works buildings at 1909 Franklin St. in Vancouver were abandoned. In 2002 the site was being used for film and TV production.

The company is now known as Terminal City Iron Works ACS Inc. and is located in Langley BC. They still sell 4 different models of fire hydrants, including the TC-1 model. The location of the foundry is unknown to us. It is believed that the cast iron barrels are cast elsewhere and the hydrants are merely assembled in the factory in BC. If you have any updated info about this company, please e-mail us.


Terminal City Iron Works Ltd
13101 78A Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 9B6

Phone: (604) 572-8371

Terminal City Iron Works A.C.S. Inc
#3 - 9494 198th. Street
Langley, British Columbia
Canada, V1M-3C8
Phone: (604) 513-3800
Toll Free: 1-888-443-4493
Cell: (604) 785-5183
Fax: (604) 513-3811


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The TC-1 Model Also Known as Model No. 1


The TC-1 is a slide gate fire hydrant. This hydrant model was originally a one piece barrel design. The one piece design was replaced with a two-piece barrel and is still made today. The actual date of the barrel one piece to two piece switchover is unknown but it possibly occured in the 1970's.


We do not have one of these models in our collection. Please click on the icon above for a PDF copy of the old TC Hydrant Manual Please click on the icon above for a PDF copy of the New Slide Gate Hydrant Manual.



The TC-1G Model Also Known as Model No. 1-1


The TC-1G model is identical to the TC-1 except that one of the 2 1/2" nozzles is independently gated.


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Front view
Nozzles: 2x 2.5", 1x 4"
Model: TC-1G (No 1-I)
Date: Not dated
V.O.: Unknown

Back view
Nozzles: 2x 2.5", 1x 4"
Model: TC-1G (No 1-I)
Notes: TC logo

Side view

The bolt slots are on each side of the hydrant. On some models the bolt slots are on the front and back.

Bonnet view


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