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Samuel RC Mathews, Lockport, New York, USA



In the 1800's there were not many hydrant designs or even any hydrant companies in Canada. It was too expensive and difficult to ship hydrants from the USA. As a result, most hydrants were made in a town or city's local foundry. Because of this, the Mathews Patent hydrant was installed in the first water works of many Canadian cities. Race & Mathews did not manufacture their hydrants, they had different companies produce the hydrant for them. As a result, Race & Mathews must have sold rights to their hydrant patent design to any Canadian who wanted to produce a hydrant. The Canadian versions look different above ground, depending on who made them, but are all the same internally and underground. Because of this it is difficult to tell a Mathews Patent hydrant by just looking at it. The London, Ontario Public Works Dept informed us that their early hydrant was a Mathews Pattern. The London hydrant is very similar to the Kingston Works hydrant. We now believe that the Kingston Ontario hydrants were also a Mathews Pattern. We think that the Toronto TWW hydrant, the Ottawa Lawson hydrant, The Hamilton HWW, and others were all based on the Mathews Pattern. They all have a frost jacket, and screw into the boot. They can be unscrewed from the boot and removed without the need for digging.


The Mathews Patent Hydrant was installed in the following Canadian Cities:

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Moncton, New Brunswick
Montreal, Quebec
Kingston, Ontario
London, Ontario (supplied by Stevens & Burns, London, Ontario)
Napanee, Ontario (supplied by Toronto Engine Works, Toronto, Ontario)
Ottawa, Ontario
Owen Sound, Ontario (supplied by Don Foundry, Toronto, Ontario)
Parkdale Ontario
Port Hope, Ontario
Rockland, Ontario
Sarnia, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Tilbury Centre, Ontario (supplied by J. Currie & Co, London, Ontario)
Walkerton, Ontario


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The Mathews Patent Hydrant Features.



The Mathews Patent Hydrant Models


United States Patent number 96959
Patented Nov 16, 1869

United States Patent number 252888
Patented Jan 31, 1882

United States Patent number 607413
Application filed Jan 19, 1898
Patented July 12, 1898

The complete Race & Mathews catalogue inside the Water and Gas Works Appliances catalogue.


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